Town Property Signage Policy

Town Property Signage Policy

Draft Only at this point.

                                  SIGNAGE POLICY ON TOWN PROPERTY





Due to the increase of Events and requests for placement of Advertising for these events on Town Property, the Town Board of the Town of Indian Lake has developed some guidelines for use of Advertising Events on Town Property.





  1. A Representative of the Event must fill out a request form at least two (2) weeks prior to the event. This will allow time for Julie to report to the Board, the event signage request.
  2. Property to be used for Advertisement (example: Byron Park, by the Town sign, or Byron Park Banner Poles).
  3. The ONLY signage allowed on Town Property is for Town Board approved EVENTS.
  4. Signs may be put up One (1) week before event and removed no later than one (1) day after event (unless other arrangements with the Town Board has been approved).
  5. There can be No obstruction of the Town of Indian Lake Welcome signs.
  6. Town assumes no liability of theft or damage to the signs.
  7. The Town IS NOT responsible for placement or removal of such Advertisement.
  8. The Town Board may revise this policy as they see fit as well as impose any special conditions necessary to protect Town Property.




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