Local Law # 1 2013 To Provide Partial Tax Exemption of Real Property Taxes

January 15, 2013
January 14, 2013



County of Hamilton, New York


Law No. _ of the year 201_


Offered by: Councilman Valentine


A local law to provide a Partial Tax Exemption of Real Property Taxes for owners of Real Property by persons with limited income who are sixty-five years of age or over.


Be it enacted by the Town Board of the Town of Indian Lake as follows:


Section 1.  The purpose of this local law is to grant a partial exemption from real property taxation to real property owned by one or more persons, each of whom are sixty-five years of age, or over, or real property owned by husband and wife, or by siblings, one of whom is sixty-five years of age, or over, and who maintain the property as their legal residence.


Section 2.  No exemption shall be granted pursuant to this local law to any individual, or to any real property, unless all ownership, use and application provisions of Section 467 of Real Property Tax Law have been met.  Owner income, for purposes of this local law, shall be income as identified by Section 467.3(a) of Real Property Tax Law, and shall be the total income of the owner, or the combined income of all the owners, for the income tax year, or, if no income tax return has been filed, the calendar year, immediately preceding the date of making application.


Section 3.  A partial exemption to real property taxes shall be granted to the owner(s) of real property who qualify according to their owner income, as identified above, in accordance with the following schedule.


                                                Owner income:                                            Exempt %

                                                $19,999.99 or less                                               50%

                                                $20,000.00 to $20,999.99                                   45%

                                                $21,000.00 to $21,999.99                                   40%

                                                $22,000.00 to $22,999.99                                   35%

                                                $23,000.00 to $23,899.99                                   30%

                                                $23,900.00 to $24,799.99                                   25%

                                                $24,800.00 to $25,699.99                                   20%

                                                $25,700.00 to $26,599.99                                   15%

                                                $26,600.00 to $27,499.99                                   10%                        

$27,500.00 to $28,399.99                                     5%

Section 4.  The enactment of this Local Law shall rescind the provisions of Local Law # 4 of the Year 2004.


Section 5.  This Local Law shall apply to tax rolls filed on, or after, the taxable status date of March 1, 2013, and shall take effect immediately upon filing with the Department of State.


Seconded by : Supervisor Wells


All in favor - Motion Carried                         

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