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Dog License

Spayed/Neutered - $2.50 / Unspayed/Unneutered - $10.50
Where to Apply:

Town Clerk's Office, Pelon Road, Indian Lake




Must have a copy of current Rabies Vacanation.

Certification reciept/ Spayed or Neutered.

Must live in the Town of Indian Lake, Blue Mt. Lake or Sabael.

Dogs must be licensed in the month of their rabies vacanations.

Town Clerk
Town of Indian Lake
Julie A Clawson
PO Box 730
Indian Lake , NY 12842
Phone: 518-648-5211
Fax: 518-648-6227





As per the State of New York Dog Law, all Dogs residing in a Township MUST be licensed. Therefore:


 The Town of Indian Lake will be conducting a dog enumeration (census) beginning June 1, 2012. As required by Article 7 of the New York State Agriculture and Markets Law, any dog four (4) months of age or older must be licensed within the TOWN they reside in. Please license your dog(s) at the Town Clerk's Office, Pelon Road, Indian Lake NY 12842-(518)648-5211 or remit by mail to: Indian Lake Town Clerk, PO Box 730, Indian Lake, NY 12842 and include the following:

•1.      Rabies Certification from the Veterinarian

•2.      Spay or Neuter Certificate

•3.      Check payable to Indian Lake Town Clerk

All dogs should be licensed in the Month of their Rabies Vaccination.

The fees prior to enumeration per dog are as follows:

•1.      Neutered/Spayed $2.50

•2.      Unneutered/Unspayed $10.50

Once the enumeration begins, an additional enumeration fee of $5.00 for any unlicensed dog will be charged.

If you have any questions regarding licensing your dog, please contact me at the number above.



Thank you in advance for your participation and cooperation of the Dog Law.

Julie A. Clawson, Town Clerk/Tax Collector

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